Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 The Whole Truth Lieutenant Lane Cadwell Lincoln Square Productions USA
2019 Insurance advert Lead Lead Stream
2019 Roofied 4 'The Antidote' Marcus Mathews Sammie Lei Productions
2019 The Allnighters Vick (Lead Gangster) Underground Films CA USA
2019 Gangsters Wives Biker Hollywood Productions
2018 Roofied 3 Marcus (Lead Gangster) Sammie Lei Productions
2018 Currys Roy Maddy Hinton Casting
2018 Movies4Men Soldier / TV Commercial The Film & TV Company / Production Manager Jonny Ross.
2018 Red Bull (online commercial) Biker (Feature) Elektra Films
2018 Shut Up Karl (Lead) Slammer Productions
2018 EE Phone provider The Hugger Football Fan Kode Media Ltd
2018 Orphan Black Roger Granger (7eps) Temple Street Productions USA
2018 Gabriella The King BlackWood Productions, Pensillvania USA
2018 Grime Rapper, ''Example'' / Rapper Hardman one. Music Video Familiar Films
2018 House of Dead Nikita Creative Studios
2018 DAZN Lead Football Fan being interviewed. Perform
2018 Roofied 2 Marcus Roofied Productions
2018 8ish The Movie Sean O'Shea Slammer Productions
2018 Gangsters Wives Tommy ''the biker'' Macino Entertainment hollywood
2018 Brumville Butch Shellgrant Productions
2017 Spider Man 'Commencement' Kraven ( Eastern European Villian ) Six Side Studios Canada.
2017 Alchemist Coterie Boris (Russian gangster) Canada productions
2017 SOLO Dave (Gangster) Little Big Fish Films
2017 Game Over Dowie Game Over Productions
2017 Touch of June Steven Touch of June Film Productions
2017 American Kings Johnston Park Studios LA
2017 One Night Alone Connar Universal Pictures
2017 Roofied Marcus Jason Impey Productions
2017 Babes, Booze & Bullets Barry Slammer Productions
2017 Dark Signal Bob / Debt collector Yona Productions
2017 Rick & Rat Dave Sulivan Pennisula film Productions / Thailand.
2015 Too L8ish Sean O'Shea Little Fury Films
2015 Rick & Rat Dave Sulivan Pennisula film Productions
2015 Hamlet Bernardo Working Mans Theatre club Worthing
2015 8ish Sean O'shea Little Fury Films
2015 American Assassin Mark Brice Universal
2014 Uncle. sitcom part 2 reshoot. Bouncer BBC3
2014 The Chicken Shop Mad Chef CAA
2014 Mission 2 Redemption Terry Woodcock AK Productions
2012 UKPN, UK power network Billie / cable fitter Edge Pictures
2012 The Heat Officer Blake/ US cop Chenin Entertainment/20 century fox
2012 Uncle. Pilot episode Bouncer Baby Cow Productions , C4, Comedy
2012 Against the Grain Policeman Victoria Frey/Royal holloway uni
2012 Closed Circuit Prison Guard 1 Working title
2011 The Royal BodyGuard PC Clive Roberts BBC 1
2011 Him & Her (series 2, episode 4) Darren's Dad Big Talk Productions
2010 Wings of Love Tom Black FFP New Media
2010 MCN insurance (Radio)voice over Biker guardian angel (lead) Harvest Digital
2010 MCN (Photographic) Biker Guardian Angel MCN Insurance
2010 White Chapel (Drama) Ross (Dangerous Dad) ITV DRAMA.
2010 Oxford Murders (Movie) Security Guard oxford murders productions
2010 Russell Brand Show Mafia Boss Channel 4
2010 The Heavy (Movie) Vladimuir-Drug Dealer 1 vertigo prod/parkland pictures.
2009 Silent Witness Ash Williams/Prisoner BBC
2009 Bronson (Movie) Prison Officer Vertigo
2009 Control + Z (Film) Thug Jimmy Magma Pictures
2009 PobolYcym (Soap opera) Clive (london gangster) BBC Wales
2009 Black Thorn Cider Lead (bouncer) commercial proctor gamble
2009 Dash Soap powder Boxer commercial Edip Films
2009 Russell Brand Show Mafia Boss Channel 4
2009 The Pimp (Movie) Minder/HenchMan Triple S Films
2008 Saxon (Movie) Loe Flood Sillwood Films
2007 Eastenders (soap opera) Raz (Soap Opera) BBC
2007 Piano Forte Dave (Bouncer) Royal Court Theatre
2007 Casualty (Drama TV) Henry Swindell BBC
2005 After Life Prisoner 1 / Ray ITV
2004 Lock Stock (Drama TV) Lieutenant Ginger Productions
2004 The Barted Bride Circus Strong Man Glynebourne
2004 Football Factory Billy Brights Dad Vertigo (Movie)
2000 Lock Stock (& two sips episode 3) Leitenant Ginger Productions
1999 The Sopranos Harry/The Sopranos-Eleven feet E4 productions
1998 Footballers Wives Dave- Boxing Ref Shed Productions
1996 The Sculptress Dobbs/Security guard Red Rooster
1996 crocodile shoes Armed police officer crocodile productions
1994 The Bill Mark-Thug fighting with pc stamp ITV
1990 nautilus otis barton BBC